AGM 2015 London Magazine Meeting


AGM 2015 London Magazine Meeting 

How do we stop sexism in the media?


The battle to stop the Sun’s daily humiliation of women with its topless Page 3 models appears to have succeeded – although the paper’s website still displays them. But the media industry is still rife with sexist behaviour. Sarah Anderson from #NoMorePage3will kick off a debate about the campaign itself, and the wider battle against discrimination in the newsrooms.

NUJ London Magazine Branch meeting, Monday 16 March, 6.30pm Fifth Floor, Headland House, 308-312 Gray’s Inn Road, WC1X 8DP (nearest tube, King’s Cross)
(Sandwiches and light refreshments provided. Baby sitting and reasonable travel costs covered)


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Motion 1 – NUJ’s summit for newspapers and agencies
This branch notes the union’s summit for newspapers and agencies in Birimingham on Saturday 25 April.
This branch resolves to pay the travel costs for two members to attend the event.


Motion 2 – Stand Up to Racism and Fascism
This branch notes: The national demonstration on United Nations Anti-Racism Day – Saturday 21 March – in central London.
That marches will be taking place in cities across Europe, including Glasgow and Cardiff.
That racists and fascists are on the move in several countries across Europe, including Ukip in Britain.
The NUJ’s fine tradition of campaigning against racism and fascism.
This branch resolves to send a delegation on the march with the branch banner, and inform members of where it will assemble.


Motion 3 – New Standing Orders

This branch notes: That our Standing Orders are, overly complicated and in parts out of date and need renewing.

This Branch resolves to make time to address this matter. 

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