September 15 2014 Branch Meeting


Recruitment: the future of the union

Fiona Swarbrick, national organiser, will discuss issues around recruitment within our sector.




Care UK

This branch notes:

1) The magnificent fight by 150 Unison members at Care UK in Doncaster, who have taken more than 60 days of strike action over the past six months against wage cuts of up to 50%.

2) The strikes followed Doncaster council’s decision to award health service provider Care UK the contract to provide  local services, and the company’s imposition of new contracts.

3) The NUJ’s backing for action in defence of the NHS.

The branch believes the NHS is in great danger of being fragmented and privatised, and that any group of workers opposing this should be supported.

This branch resolves to send a message of support to the strikers, and a donation of £100.

(motions passed at meeting)


TUC’s Britain Needs a Pay Rise demonstration

This branch notes the TUC’s Britain Needs a Pay Rise demonstration on 18 October in central London.

This branch resolves to notify members of the demonstration and send a delegation and branch banner on the march.

(motions passed at meeting)


Stand Up to Ukip
This branch notes:

That Ukip is on the brink of winning its first elected MP.

The launch of the Stand Up to Ukip campaign in June, backed by among others Diane Abbott MP and Unite general secretary Len McClusky.

Stand Up to Ukip’s protest demonstration at Ukip’s annual conference in Doncaster on 27 September.

  • Such a result will increase the media’s focus on this right-wing, racist party, and push the country’s political agenda further to the right.
  • The need to campaign against Ukip could not be more important.
  • This branch resolves to send a two-person delegation and the branch banner to the 27 September demonstration, and pay travel expenses.

 (motion passed at meeting)

Unite the Resistance
The branch notes:
The government's continuing program of austerity.
The huge cuts in salary that the majority of UK workers have suffered over the past six years.
That trade union leaders have failed to build the resistance needed to stop their members having to pay for a financial crisis for which they bare no responsibility.
The Unite the Resistance campaign, and its latest conference on 15 November in central London, bringing together officials and activists from a range of trade unions, bedroom tax and anti-poverty campaigns and anti-racist organisations.
The branch believes:
Workers will take action if given a proper lead, and particularly if they know they will doing so alongside thousands of others.
That the 15 November UtR conference provides an opportunity to discuss how best to organise collective action.
This branch resolves to send two delegates to the conference at a total cost of £12.00.
Proposed: Ian taylor

(motions passed at meeting) 




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