February branch meeting agenda

8 February 2010; Meeting starts at 6:30 in Headland House


1 Apologies for absence

2 Minutes of previous meeting

3 Welcome to new members

4 Rights at work: Roy Mincoff

5 Workplace reports and members' problems

6 Report from national organiser and branch delegates to NUJ bodies

7 Motions (see below)

8 Any other business




Motion 1

Gender-balanced nominations lists for NUJ committees and other elections

The branch notes the consensus expressed at the joint meeting of London Magazine Branch and Book Branch members in January about the benefits of gender-balanced nominations lists for NUJ positions.

The branch resolves to endeavour to implement such a balance in its own selection of candidates for election to union bodies. 

To reflect the proportion of women members, at least 40% of people nominated should be women. 

This policy should apply to seats on all Industrial Councils, the National Executive Council, the Black Members Council and similar bodies, and to the branch's delegation to the NUJ's Annual Delegate Meeting.

Proposed: Gordon Jamieson


Motion 2

Unite Against Fascism conference

This branch notes:

The conference of Unite Against Fascism on Saturday 13 February at TUC Congress Centre in London

This branch believes:

The Nazi British National Party, having made a significant breakthrough at last year's Euro elections, is poised to become an extremely dangerous force in UK politics, and that the need to organise a broad-based campaign to stop this from happening could not be more urgent.

This branch resolves:

To send two delegates to the conference at a cost of £25 each in fees.

Proposed: Ian Taylor

Seconded: Joy McKnight


Motion 3


This branch notes:

The establishment of EXPOSE, an organisation of journalists, technicians, musicans and actors, founded with the aim exposing the fascist membership and aims of the British National Party. 

The launch public meeting on Tuesday 23 February at Amnesty International Human Rights Centre in east London with speakers: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, columnist and broadcaster; Mehdi Hasan, senior editor (politics), New Statesman; Peter Hain, secretary of state for Wales; Michelle Stanistreet, deputy general secretary, National Union of Journalists; Gerry Morrissey, general secretary, Bectu (invited) and Weyman Bennett, joint secretary, Unite Against Fascism.

The branch resolves to donate £50 toward the cost of the launch meeting.

Proposed: Tom Wall

Seconded: Joy McKnight


Motion 4

Defend Yunus Bakhsh Campaign

This branch notes:

The victimisation of Newcastle-based nurse Yunus Bakhsh by Northumberland Tyne and Wear NHS Trust in 2006 for trade union activities;

That despite full support from his own Unison branch for his reinstatement, the national Unison leadership launched their own attack;

This branch believes:

Yunus's Employment Tribunal will take place in March, giving him the opportunity to expose the web of racism and false allegations that lie behind these attacks;

That the NHS Trust has packed the tribunal with witnesses, meaning the procedure is likely to cost Yunus £15,000 for legal representation.

The attack on Yunus goes to the heart of trade unionism - the right to organise without victimisation, and without attacks from your own union leaders

That trade unionists across the UK, in ever union, have a duty to back his campaign.

This branch resolves:

To donate £50 to Yunus's campaign.

Proposed: Ian Taylor

Seconded: Joy McKnight


Motion 5

Climate change

This branch notes:

The launch of the “Million Climate Jobs” campaign, by the Campaign Against Climate Change, supported by the PCS, CWU, UCU and TSSA. 

The Third Trade Union conference on Climate Change taking place on 13 March.

This branch believes:

That climate change is an issue of enormous concern. Latest scientific evidence shows that the world is warming faster than expected.

The changing climate will lead to more flooding, droughts, famine and hurricanes across the globe affecting the poorest in society first and most across the globe.

The Copenhagen conference failed to agree a response that will do enough to address the problem of climate change. 

Climate change is a major issue for Trade Unions, many of whom have supported climate events in the last year.

We need government investment in green industries such as renewable energy, insulation of all homes and workplaces, re-skilling of workers and research into further technological development. This will create or save tens of thousands of jobs at a time when many are concerned for their own future employment.

This branch resolves to:

Support, publicise and encourage members to attend the third Campaign Against Climate Change Trade Union Conference (CCCTU) in London on Saturday 13 March.

Donate £50 to the organisers towards the cost of the conference and sponsor the CCCTU conference in the name of this Branch.

Order 10 copies of the “Million Climate Jobs pamphlet” at £2 each

Send our branch banner to the conference.

Proposed: Joy McKnight

Seconded: Alan Gibson



Motion 6


This branch notes:

The detention of hundreds of journalists in Iran;

The web-linked petition, http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/iranianpressfreedom/,  to Leader of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Ayatullah Ali Khamene’i, asking for their immediate release.

This branch resolves to:

To call on the NEC to make contact with Iranian journalists’ organisations to find out:

a) The depth and breadth of the crackdown on the media in Iran

b) What journalists here can do to campaign against the repression.

The branch also resolves to encourage members to sign the petition. 

Proposed: Alan Gibson

Seconded: Ian Taylor

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